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Globe and Laurel

The Lodge Title and Lodge Crest

The Lodge being founded primarily for the convenience of persons serving in or retired from the Royal Marines, the Founders agreed that the name Globe and Laurel was most appropriate. For the same reasons, the Founders also agreed that the Lodge Crest would consist of the insignia of the Royal Marines, the Globe surrounded by a Laurel Wreath, with additional scrolls appropriate to a Craft Lodge.

Origins of the Royal Marines Crest

Royal Marines Crest

Royal Marines Crest

As a result of the gallantry displayed by the Marines in the combined operation to capture Belle Isle in 1761 the Corps was authorised to adopt the Laurel Wreath which now encircles the Globe emblazoned on their Colours.

The Crown and Crowned Lion shows that the Marines are a Royal Corps. This distinction was granted to them by George III, in 1802, as a result of a recommendation by the First Lord of the Admiralty, Admiral of the Fleet The Earl of St. Vincent. Referring to this afterwards Earl St. Vincent said "In obtaining for them the distinction 'Royal' I but inefficiently did my duty. I never knew an appeal made to them for honour, courage or loyalty that they did not more than realise my highest expectations. If ever the hour of real danger should come to England they will be found the country's sheet anchor".

In 1827 The Duke of Clarence, later William IV, presented Colours to the Royal Marines Divisions at Woolwich, Chatham, Portsmouth and Plymouth and "Due to the greatness of the number of actions to be considered, and the difficulty of selecting amongst so many glorious deeds such a portion as could be inserted in the space", said that "His Majesty chose as their badge 'The Great Globe itself'." He further directed that "Whatever King or Queen they might serve hereafter, though the cypher of the reigning Sovereign must appear on the Standard in those of the Royal Marines the cypher GR IV was forever to appear". His Royal Highness added that the single battle honour "Gibraltar" was to be worn in memory of the achievements of the Marines their. At the same time the motto "Per mare per terram" was approved, as being the most appropriate to their roles afloat and ashore.
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