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Lodge History

The first 25 Years

October 1924 to October 1949

October 1924
The Consecration of the Lodge

The Lodge was Consecrated in the Depot Church of Saint Michael and All Angels, RM Barracks, Deal, Kent, on Friday 10th October 1924, by Col F S W Cornwallis CBE DL PGW, Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master for the Masonic Province of Kent, later to become the 1st Baron Cornwallis. 231 Brethren representing 66 Lodges were present at the Consecration.

The 20's,30's and 40's
The First Lodge Banner

During the lifetime of the Lodge it has possessed two Lodge Banners. There is no record of a description of the first Banner. However, at the Regular Lodge Meeting held on the 11 November 1925 it was proposed that, A Lodge Banner be purchased for £20.‘ No other reference to the Banner was to be found apart from an entry in the accounts for the year 1925/26, Purchase of Lodge Banner, £24. 12s 6d‘24.65). IT has been impossible to establish any details concerning its manufacture or disposal. The second Banner was purchased to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of the Lodge, and following the Dedication of the new Banner at the Regular Installation Meeting held on 5 October 1974, the first banner was lost. It has never been found.


During the early life of the Lodge, due to the number of Candidates awaiting Initiation, Passing or Raising, it was not unusual for 2 Ceremonies to be conducted at a meeting or for additional meetings to be called under Dispensation for the purpose of Initiation, Passing or Raising. Indeed, the Minutes for the 7th Regular Meeting held at 6:00pm on 14 April 1926, record that the IPM Raised 2 Brethren. The Worshipful Master then Initiated 2 men and a Past Master Passed a Brother. Also 2 Grand Lodge Certificates were presented. At the time it was not the practice to record the time the lodge was closed, but it must have been late.

World War 2 - The effect on the Lodge

World War 2 had a variable effect on English Freemasonry in general, and the Globe and Laurel lodge in particular. On 4 September 1939, the day following the declaration of War, a letter was sent from the Grand Secretary, to all Lodges under the The United Grand Lodge of England. The letter read as follows:
Having regard to the Emergency Orders of H.M. Government, I am to inform you that until further notice all Masonic Meetings are to be suspended. It is hoped that this may only be a temporary measure, as it is fully appreciated that it is desirable that when possible the Brethren should have the opportunity of meeting. Further instructions will be issued at an early date.
The above order was lifted on 2 October 1939, at which time Grand Lodge empowered Lodges to meet as early in the day as possible, to cancel any Regular Meetings if necessary, (a concession which the Lodge was later to avail itself of) or to alter dates of meetings up to 7 days before, or after, the regular date. Grand Lodge also instructed that After Proceedings to be kept as brief as possible.
The Lodge met at The Masonic Hall, Malvern, Worcestershire until May 1941, then at the Masonic Hall, Saint Nicholas at Cliff, Scarborough, Yorkshire until March 1946. Then on 10 April the Lodge returned to Deal.

Ceremonies performed during the 1st 25 years

During this period, 161 Brethren were Initiated into the Lodge, 51 either Joined or Rejoined. Of the 161 Brethren Initiated, 153 were Passed and 144 Raised.

The second 25 Years

October 1949 to October 1974

October and November 1949

The 25th Anniversary of the Consecration of the Lodge appears to have gone without any recognition whatsoever.

Circa 1949-54

Some time between 1949 and 1954 a letter was received from a member of the Laurel lodge 657, meeting at Cleveland, Ohio, USA. As a result of that letter, on 19 April 1954, the Brethren of the Laurel Lodge No. 657, voted to have one of its members to deliver a signed Volume of the Sacred Law to the Globe and Laurel Lodge as a token of friendship. Each of the Brethren present at the meeting signed the Sacred Volume, which was delivered tot he Globe and Laurel Lodge, in Deal, in September 1955. In a reciprocal gesture of brotherly love, the Brethren of the Globe and Laurel Lodge presented a handmade English Oak gavel and sounding block to the Laurel Lodge No.657. Two emblems of the Globe and Laurel, as worn by HM Royal Marines, were inlaid in the sounding block. Both the Volume of the Sacred Law and the gavel and sounding block have been continuously used in their respective Lodge from the days of presentation.

The 60s and 70s


This year saw the first non-member of the HM Royal Marines Installed as Worshipful master of the Lodge.

Ceremonies performed during the 2nd 25 years

During this period, 112 Brethren were Initiated into the Lodge and 21 either Joined or Rejoined. Of the 112 Brethren Initiated, 109 were Passed and 109 Raised.

The third 25 Years

October 1974 to October 1999


On Saturday 5 October 1974 the 50th Anniversary and Installation Meeting was held at the Town Hall, Dover. A total of 48 members and 146 visitors, representing 50 Lodges, attending the meeting. The Worshipful Master of the Per Mare Per Terram Lodge No. 3609, addressed the assembled Brethren and, on behalf of his Lodge, presented a suitably embroidered Pedestal Cushion to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Lodge. The Worshipful Master thanked him for the gift.
The current Lodge Banner the second one was also used for the first time and it cost £154.00


Bearing in mind that in September 1989 several members of the Globe and Laurel Lodge were serving Royal Marines Musicians, no historical record would be complete without reference to the murderous bomb attack in the Royal Marines School of Music, Deal, by the Irish Republican Army, in which 11 fine Royal Marines Musicians were murdered. The Lodge Charity Steward was responsible for the raising the sum of £3,000 for the Royal Marines Disaster Fund.


In 1993 a letter from the Secretary of La Lumiere de Saint Bertin No. 708, Masonic Province of Flanders, National Grand Lodge of France, a newly consecrated Lodge meeting in Saint Omer, was received by the Secretary of each of the Deal Lodges. The letter stated
As the towns of Deal and Saint Omer are officially twinned, it would be nice if the Masonic Lodges meeting in Deal were to twin with the La Lumiere de Saint Bertin Lodge.
As a result of that letter the Master Elect and the Treasure both attended the Installation Meeting of the Lodge. And both Lodge have been in regular contact, and Brethren of both Lodge continue to exchange visits.


March 1996 saw the closure of the Royal Marines School of Music, Deal. As a result, the local source of obtaining serving Royal Marines as Candidates for Initiation into the Lodge ceased as, no doubt, with the passage of time, will the availability of eligible local former Royal Marines.


Apart from the 75th Anniversary of the Consecration of the Lodge, 1999 was another special occasion. Four members, who had been consecutive Initiates, attained 50 years unbroken membership of both the Craft and the Lodge. Whilst there may well be other Lodges where four members have reached 50 years unbroken service in the same year, how many other Lodges, if indeed any, can boast that four unbroken membership. Also in October 1999 a son handed over the mastership of the Lodge to his father.

Ceremonies performed during the 3rd 25 years

During this period, 88 Brethren were Initiated into the Lodge and 47 either Joined or Rejoined. Of the 88 Brethren Initiated, 79 were Passed and 80 Raised.

The fourth 25 years

October 1999 to October 2024


December 2003 the Lodge joined the information superhighway with the publication of its website.
October 2004 A father handed over the mastership of the Lodge to his son.
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The history is an abridged version from The First 75 Years of the Globe & Laurel Lodge No 4657

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